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Mint a supabat

supabats are 7777 randomly generated bats with more than 120 hand drawn attributes flying through the Ethereum blockchain. The goal of supabats is to build a strong community-driven brand with an ambitious and transparent team behind it. Are you ready to fly with us?


10% We pay off our loans

30% 7 special supabats will be given away to the community

50% Exclusive merch store opens for supabats members

80% We reveal the details of our upcoming project

100% We organize a meetup with the community

The Team






What the heck is supabats?

supabats is a NFT collection with 7777 randomly-generated items on the Ethereum blockchain. The price of a supabat is 0.03 ETH. There are no tiers or whitelisting, as we think everyone should have an equal chance of getting a supabat. supabats was created by duberitos with the help of his team. Don't forget, supabats is written with NO CAPS!!

What are your plans for the future?

supabats are not just NFTs, we are an up and coming brand. We dont want to stop at “just” an NFT collection. We have tons of ideas and projects already in the making for the future. The community is the key of our project and we will be working together with them to cook up new ways to use your supabat. As a supabat owner you are our first investor, it means you believe in us. We want to thank your support with special giveaways and tons of quality events.

What do I get with a supabat?

When you buy a supabat you get a dope PFP to show off on the internet and you also become an official supabat member and get exclusive access to all of our upcoming projects. All supabat owners will get a free mint from our upcoming collections and get access to exclusive merch drops. A supabat is your membership card to all community activities. As the owner of a supabat you get full commercial rights over the artwork, meaning you can do whatever you want with your bat.

How can I get a supabat?

On February 7 the minting section on the website becomes active. First you will have to connect your MetaMask account with enough Ethereum to cover the cost of minting. For the first 24 hours you will be able to mint for 0.01ETH, after the FIRE SALE ends, the cost of a supabat will be 0.03ETH + gas fees. Set the amount of supabats you want to mint, the maximum is 10 per transaction, and click on MINT. After the transaction succeeded you will see your supabat on OpenSea. In case of an error make sure to look at Etherscan for more info on why your transaction failed.